2021 October 11

Columbus Day 2021

Ella did our week’s worth of laundry while I spent most of the morning and half the afternoon working I material for next Sunday’s F.R.O.G. class material. Later, I mixed some chocolate chip cookie batter and a new batch of fry bread

Something’s happening with my phone’s camera or the software. I took Manny photos today, including sunset pictures. But when I try to access them, they’re gone.


We were given instructions on how to use a bayonet. That should be seen as good news for left handed people, because if you can’t shoot the M14 rifles left-handed, you can still use it to stick somebody.

We were also told what to do if it became stuck in an enemy’s body. The answer is, “Pull the trigger.” I have to admit thinking to myself, if I still had ammunition, I wouldn’t be using the bayonet.

We were given pugil sticks with which to practice bayonet fighting. We were shown some moves, but never allowed to go full speed or full force. After all, we didn’t really want to hurt anybody. It’s a good thing that I know of no one who, in a combat situation, actually had to use a bayonet on the end of their rifle.

We were taught basic hand-to-hand fighting.  Much later, after learning some real martial arts, I realized how basic (and useless) that training really had been. Teach a bunch of eighteen year old kids enough to give them a false image of their abilities, and they’re sure to get hurt. The most useful thing I learned was how to fall without getting seriously injured.


God bless and goodnight.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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