2021 October 16

We woke to a 60° temperature this morning (outside). It was at least 10° warmer inside. The patio door was opened wide as soon as we were dressed. I suspect it will not be closed again until we retire for the evening.
This morning I slept in and missed sunrise but still managed a decent skyscape. And the sun reflecting on the pool was gorgeous.

This is a poem I wrote long ago in limerick style.

Or ("Mermaids: The sailor's tale")

Coral reefs multi-hue
Neon fish light it through.
Sailed I leeward past land's end.
Love life torn. My heart to mend,
glassy sea I gaze into',

A mermaid, beneath my ship,
in amongst the coral does slip.
Parting water like a knife,
to the surface (Breath of' Life)
blows a kiss from her lip.

Green, gold, and ivory breast
now put to me a test.
Without thought, I dive below.
Pulled like flotsam in her tow,
down, down to "Deadmans's Rest".

Sea closes overhead.
Gone is life. I am dead.
Soundless first, beneath the waves,
as echoes of empty graves.
All's lost. I'm full of dread.

Mermaids swim by and sing.
Choirs of fishes form a ring.
Sunlight filters down the sea.
So much beauty can not be!
Have I dreamed everything?

Begins the song again!
This time join right in.
But now the fishes dart in fear.
Not a mermaid will come near.
No place this is for men.

Song sung sweet, full of lies.
Saw my doom in her eyes.
Her melody draws me near,
the notes, fire like, in my ear.
I feel my passion rise.

Want to die, but no knife.
End to pain. End of strife.
Deep I breathe the salty sea.
Sudden warmth comes over me!
She's transformed Death to Life

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