2021 October 18

9:30 this morning was set aside for a VA doctor visit via phone all. However, my phone’s spam filter didn’t recognize the number and didn’t let it ring through. Why’s I saw what it had done, I called them. After nearly thirty minutes on the phone with the receptionist, she was unable to get through to the doctor (who was working from home) or the nurse, or the clerks. Finally, the receptionist, apologizing for not being able to get a response from the medical staff, set a new appointment for Thursday afternoon. In the mean time, I’ve added the clinic’s number into my contacts.

Today’s devotional told of a person who had been involved with children’s ministry for many years. Due to staff changes, that position was removed. They prayed for guidance and found themselves starting a music ministry with dementia patients.

It struck a cord with me because I had done a similar ministry with dementia patients. Originally I was going to do a bible study. I soon realized that the bible study was unrealistic. I’m no musician but I have a lot of Christian music and hymns on my laptop. I created a booklet booklet with the words to the music. With external speakers for the computer it worked fairly well. This experiences gave me a better understanding of how selective and tragic dementia is.

Monday equals laundry day at our home. This is Ella’s self chosen job. I neither properly sort the clothes for washing nor correctly fold them once removed from the dryer.

One thing that kept me going, while in the service, was getting letters from home. Mom sent letters sometimes as did my niece Kathy. Technically she was my niece, my sister’s daughter but since she was only three years younger them me, she was more like a sister. But the letters I most looked forward to were from my girl friend. She once sent a letter written on a whole roll of toilet paper. Packages with food in them were the best. Of course those had to be shared. 

God bless and good night.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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