2021 October 20

There was no sunrise today, just a gradual lightening of the sky.
I participated in an hour long Zoom meeting with Cherry Hill Productions (and hundreds of fellow Santa’s) about the upcoming Santa Season. I’m so ready for this to begin.
Last year at this time, I was dreading how Santa in the time of Covid was going to play out. All in all, last year went well, because, for the most part, parents and children took the precautions in stride.
Amazingly, it was reported that people are already scheduling appointments. CHP said that appointments were well over those of even the pre pandemic 2019 numbers.
Ella’s floral arrangements
We found out today that our rent for the apartment starting in January will be $1056. That is adjusted down from the market price of $1200. It is also $357 MORE than the $699 we are currently paying. We have been able, by skimping, to manage the $699.
For reference, Tom’s monthly social security is $1048.
If we can find someplace cheaper, we are required to give 60 days notice. We have only 103 days before the higher rate takes affect and only 43 days before we would need to give the 60 day notice. And we really don’t want to go through another move.
Any suggestions? Any way that a nearly 75 year old couple could make an extra $400 a month?
Please pray for us.



God bless and goodnight

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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