2021 October 25

This it’s NOT a black and white photograph. This morning is just a black and white day, however.
There was a bit of irony in today’s devotional reading about the colorful symbol of God’s promise on a colorless day as today. But, in spite of – or perhaps because of – present circumstances, we lean on God’s promises.
A couple of games in the morning and a few later in the day.
Laundry day. After the first load of wash was into the dryer, we drove to the church where someone had dropped off seven large leaf bags full of beer cans for our monthly gathering.
The Grandies ministry collects food and other items once a month for the local food bank & thrift store. At the same time we collect aluminum cans to sell for the metal reclamation. We do this on the first Sunday of the month. However, these cans were donated early.
Normally, we would take any non crushed cans home where we would detab and crush them. However, I decided to forego that this time. Even had we crushed all these cans we still would probably have had five large bags full, which would not have left much room for the first Sunday donations to come. I chose to take them to the recycler today. Thirty one pounds netted us nine dollars to be used toward our ministries. Ella and I donate our time, energy, truck, and gasoline.
From the recycler in Jarrell we drove to the blood / plasma center in Round Rock. It is a drop off point for pull tabs / pop tops. These are donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities. Today Grandies donated between 15 & 20 pounds of tabs. That’s a lot of tabs.
It was well past noon by that time, so we stopped at Micky D’s for lunch. We planned to “dine in” however that wasn’t allowed. We drove around the drive through and picked up our order to take home.

God bless and goodnight

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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