2021 October 27

My morning photographs of the rain soaked sky disappeared from my phone. This has become a recurring problem. Grrr.

Ella and I drove to Crystal Falls Village where we visited with the manager about prices. A two bedroom is less than what we pay now for a one bedroom. Nothing is currently available but we took forms to fill out.

From there we went to Liberty Manor. Prices there are more than we currently pay but less than the future prices of Hills at Leander.

Liberty Trails sits directly behind (though not attached to) Liberty Manor. So that made it the logical next stop. However, we called and were unable to get in contact with anyone, so we didn’t stop. We did leave a message which was returned later today. They are at one hundred percent occupancy but will call us if something opens up. Their prices appear to be inline with Liberty Manor.

Home again home again for lunch of leftover roast and veggies. Then a rest before going for groceries.

In our quest to remain healthy, we very rarely do inside shipping. When we rolled into Wal-Mart’s curbside grocery pickup, we were surprised to be the only ones using that time slot.
Off course, once home and putting groceries away, we thought of several things that we need. For those few things, I may go inside to grab and go.

Good night and God bless

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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