2021 November 03

I did not go outside looking for a sunrise photo this morning. I woke in plenty of time, only to hear the rain and thunder. At that point, I pulled the covers over my head, scooted closer to Ella and went back to sleep. It was nearly ten o’clock the next time I was awake.


seatbackToday it rained. I had driven my wife to the mall. Not feeling like shopping, I sat in a parking lot for a while listening to the gentle rain on the roof of the van.I was trying to think of a way to describe the sound it made. It was so faint. So soft. Sometimes there seemed to be almost a rhythm like butterflies marching on the roof. Sometimes it was as chaotic as ants using Q-tips to do battle!I reclined the driver’s seat to better hear the rain on the roof.My wife woke me when she returned from shopping!


I like rain. I particularly like gentle, windless rains. Those are the best rains for walking in. Not bent over, collar up, running through the rain. Walking head back, mouth and eyes open, twirling in circles, laughing at the sky!Of course, since I’m nearing seventy five years old and a rather large man, that may frighten some people!


Have you ever noticed how rain changes the smell of things? Oddly enough when it first starts to rain the air smells dusty (if you’re in country). In the city the rain, at first, seems to bring out the smells of hot sidewalks and old oil.Usually you can smell the rain coming before it arrives.During the rain, smells are suppressed. All you smell is rain!Now! After the rain! That’s when everything smells fresh and cool and clean.Except the dog!


It remained chilly and wet all day. Neither of us even opened the halfway door until late evening when I ventured out as far as the postal box.

I didn’t go outside for a sunset photo either. Though the storms had passed, there was no sun to be found. Actually, as I was writing this, it began to rain again.

November 03, 2021: Today I thank God for the rain. And I thank Him that I didn’t need to be out in it. Even in the midst of uncertainty, we are thankful for a home.

©2021 November 03

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