2021 November 07

אני מציע תפילה של שלום וביטחון

Larraine, a friend who lives in Waco, will be having open heart surgery early Monday morning. Please pray for her and her medical team. She has a gift of love and giving, plus one if the biggest smiles you’ve ever seen.

Sunday adult Bible class. The F.R.O.G. class is short on attendance while being strong in participation in discussion with great questions and well thought-out answers. I’m encouraging them to attend Gary Bible’s four week “Incarnation” class during December. I’m unsure at this juncture what Sundays Santa will be required at the mall. Any Sundays that I am free, I plan to attend his class also.

Cross Tracks Church
In keeping with this morning’s worship theme, I am grateful for the many circles of community to which I belong: church, Grandies, Over The Hill Gang, choir, friends, etcetera.
God bless and goodnight

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