2021 November 08

Though there was some fog in our area, it wasn’t too dense and soon lifted after, the sun made it over a bank of clouds. With a high of 74° and no wind to speak of, it was an altogether beautiful day.

We dropped our application fee at Crystal Falls Village this morning. That makes three official applications. This is the the location that we would prefer (we think). We’ve never seen an apartment or floorplan. It’s like buying pig in a poke.

Next we drove to Hill Country Community Ministry to register for a monthly food box. As I understand it, we can also go in between times for some items.

Laundry day means that clothes put into the washer were nearly done when we returned from our morning excursions. Bedding was the first load so that we can get them back on the bed before nap time. 😀

Chicken salad sandwich and egg salad. Lettuce salad with spinach, carrot, cucumber, and tomato. Watermelon for dessert. All complements of Hill Country Community Ministry. Thank you Lord.

Ella and I have been working on the aluminum cans that were donated on Sunday past. She is removing and saving the pull tabs. These will be donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities*. After the tabs are removed, I crush the cans to save space, before taking them to the metal recycler. Currently they are paying forty five cents a pound. The money earned here supports the various ministries of the Grandies group.

One of our neighbors, who knows we are looking for apartments, stopped you ask how the search is going. She may also be looking.

*RMHC programs provide comfort, care and support for families with sick children when its needed most.              Mail-in Donations:
Ronald McDonald House Charities Inc.
26345 Network Place
Chicago, IL 60673-1263
Somehow this makes me think of Mary Poppins and Bert the chimney sweep.

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