2021 November 09

No sunshine to be found this morning.
One of the tenet’s lovely patio garden
Ella is back to work removing pull tabs from the aluminum cans gathered on Sunday
Tom is back to work crushing cans. Crushing turned three full bags of cans into one nearly full bag of cans. Same weight but less volume.
We took a load of food to Operation Liberty Hill Food Bank. These are items donated Sunday afternoon. OLH is closed Mondays so we were unable to deliver before today.
We stopped at Cross Tracks Church to return the food donation bin.

Before going much further I made phone calls to Liberty Hill Physicians Associates, Liberty Hill Dental, and Dr. Crimmons office. One ot the low income assistance programs for which we are applying requires the co-pay amounts we’ve paid to our doctors over the last twelve months. I also need to contact the pharmacy.

We stopped at the dentist for the co-pay print out. It was ready and waiting.
The doctors co-pay print out was available until one thirty. So, we went to Sonics to eat and wait.
Picked up the documents at the doctor’s as soon as they opened after lunch. The other doctor will mail our reports.
Very quick stop at Parker’s Corner Market to buy a gallon of milk.
Today was Ella’s day. She won every game that we played.
So nice of the sun and clouds to pose so prettily for me.
©2021 Thomas E Williams

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