2021 November 14

It was a truly beautiful day. It was a perfect day for Cross Tracks Church’s Pioneer Day.

“Grateful for the Church”
Pastor Michele

A real chuck wagon (minus food) was set up on our church campus today. We were celebrating our chapel’s 151st year. There were a lot of displays and some crafts. A storyteller presented several skits.

I took many photos but only a few actually “took”. The camera on my phone has been giving me fits.

Pastor Michele, in Circuit Rider outfit, came riding in on horseback. Circuit Rider was a Methodist ministerial role that was originated in England by John Wesley. The first of the American circuit riders was Robert Strawbridge, who arrived in the colonies in 1764. A few years later Wesley sent missionaries to the American colonies, but most of them departed when revolution threatened.

Circuit riders, also called “saddlebag preachers,” were a different kind of clergy in the early United States. … The book “The Churching of America,” by Roger Finke and Rodney Stark, says: “True circuit riders were full-time professionals vested with substantial authority.

We had not played or usual games of Fast Track today. However, when we sat the trash outside our door, we played several games, while we waited for the valet trash pickup person to empty the trash can. We wanted to bring the empty can back into the Apartment before retiring for the night.

I keep check-in checking and hoping that we have moved into safer levels.
©2021 Thomas E Williams

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