2021 November 18

It remained mostly overcast all day.

My blood clotting factor was out of range again this week. It should be 2.0 tho 3.0 work 2.5 optimum. It must be the fresh fruits Ann’s veritable they is throwing it off. Took much vitamin K in my blood increases the rate if clotting. Leafy green vegetables and red fruits contain vitamin K.

Shortly before nine o’clock this morning the electricity went out at the apartments. My first thought was that we had blown a breaker in or apartment. However, within seconds I heard the hallway doors slam shut. At that moment, I realized that the whole complex had lost power. It only lasted thirty to forty five minutes.  Since the apartments are all electric (stoves, water heaters, heating, cooling, and refrigerators, of course), this could have been very distributive had it gone on for very long. 

We have experience with prolonged outages here at the apartments. This last February, when the Arctic blast settled over Texas with freezing rain, ice, snow, and subzero temperatures, we had rolling blackouts for days on end. Also the water system went down because of the freezing temperature. Central Texas is not set up for sustained freezing temperatures.

Had we been still in our fifth wheel RV, with stove, oven, furnace, and refrigerator that operated on liquid propane. With onboard water and backup house batteries, we would have been better prepared. 

Now I’m wondering how to be better prepared for outages in the future. Several cases of water should keep us going for quite awhile. I have catalytic heaters but not propane. Also the heaters are only for small areas. We have a few backup batteries for our cellphones. If we use them powered down and used sparingly, they should be good for many days. I have an AM/FM/Weather radio with a built in hand crank generator. Speaking of generators, I’d really like to have a solar generator. But they are very pricey for something that may never be used.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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