2021 November 21

We attended Sunday school in the chapel and then hurried home to grab a bite to eat. Them off to the mall we went. We listened to pastor Michele’s sermon on or way to work.
I used shampoo with blueing last night and now my beard looks blue. I’ll wash it with Dawn dish soap when I get home. Hopefully that will rinse out misty of the blue.
Today is Ella’s birthday and she’s been getting lots of greetings on her phone.

These flowers in the chapel were arranged by Ella.

Not much change from this morning’s photo.

Santa had a busy start for the day. The first hour and a half we’re pretty busy all the way through. Many of them had made reservations but also quite a few drop-ins or walk-ups.

At one point, we were ready to tell a grandpa with two girls to come in. However, we had a customer who wanted re-takes of an older toddler who refused to smile. He wasn’t fussy or crying. But would 12th not smile. She never was happy but purchased a package anyway. Once grandma was done, we finally could usher grandpa and girls in. He stated, “This will be a one take.” And it was. Both girls were grinning from ear to ear.

My favorite photograph of the day was the baby boy that threw his head back to look up at Santa while Santa was looking down at him.

A few games before bedtime.
©2021 Thomas E Williams

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