2021 November 22

Mornings first light with a jets condensation trail snaking it’s way into the sun. It’s bad enough driving into the sun. I can’t imagine flying directly toward the sun.

It was another hit – the – ground – running day at the Santa set. Lots of happy children and a few happy adults who came by themselves. And of course there was an occasional unhappy child and or an unhappy parent.

Sorry to say that some parents have unreasonable expectations of their young children’s ability to smile on command. I’ve seen far too many parents trying to bully the children into “being happy.”

Four middle school young ladies came to get photos together with Santa. There were lots of giggles in this group.

Another couple were anything but giggly. The man, who had physical special needs, when asked what he wanted for Christmas, replied that Santa couldn’t help. I asked what it was that he wanted. He wanted his grandmother, who had died eleven years ago, to come back. I told him that he was correct that it wasn’t a wish Santa could grant. I told him that as long as he remembered her, that she would never truly be gone. That was basically the same thing I said to the woman who lost her husband in August.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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