2021 November 24

The turkey has been thawing in the refrigerator since Sunday. This morning I put it in a cold water bath to finish thawing. As you can see from the photo, it is now completely flexible. It has gone back to the refrigerator until tomorrow morning when it will go into the Instantpot Duo Crisp. From start to finish, the turkey will be ready in under two hours! It promises to be tender and moist with crisp browned skin.

We had time this morning to play a few games of Fast Track. Ella won them all.

I took some time to pay bills before heading to work. The big one, of course, is the Rent. My VA meds are now good for another few months. I hope after the new year and new insurance, that I’ll pay zero for my prescriptions.

We have a large order ready to place at Wal-Mart for household items like paper goods, over the counter meds, vitamins, and supplements plus a few food items that we don’t normally receive from the Food Bank. That should, I hope, keep us stocked for a few months on most things other than milk.

I believe. Santa knows things that I don’t. Santa had a visit with three siblings today an older brother and sister and a much younger sister. Santa looked at the older two and said, “I know that one of you has math as your favorite subject and the other one has science as your favorite subject.” and they both kind of went, “How did you know that?” And then Santa turned to the younger one and said, “But your main interest is in art.” and she said, “You really are Santa.”

Later, two younger siblings were visiting Santa and asked what his favorite cookie is. Santa said, “The round ones.” Then said to the little girl, “Yours is chocolate chip, isn’t it?” Then to the boy, “You like cookies with extra sprinkles, don’t you?”

Okay, confession time. When asked what kids’ favorite school subject is, nearly 100% of the time it’s either math or science. The younger sister had color marker stains on her hands. Chocolate chip cookies are nearly universal in their appeal. And who doesn’t like cookies with extra sprinkles. There is a method to the Christmas magic, if you let the spirit lead.

Two prescriptions for Tom
and five for Ella. Thus was a necessary stop on the way home.
We had a Thanksgiving Eve meal this evening at the apartments. Lots of food, mostly desserts. Hey, we’re all old people and old people eat dessert first. ‘Cause you might die before the dinner is over. I’d rather arrive in heaven with pie on my breath than broccoli. 😀 I didn’t take any pictures but there was a respectful turnout (+or- 50) for something that only began being talked about a week ago.

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