2021 November 25 Thanksgiving

I never actually saw the sun “rise” because it didn’t clear the cloud for a long time and then disappeared again. The very dark strip at the bottom of these photographs is the horizon. The large dark gray swatch is all cloud cover.

After all of our preparation, only seven or eight people came to dine. After the 50+ from yesterday, (which I thought was odd to celebrate on the day before Thanksgiving) it was kind of a let down for me. Be thankful everyday, but only one day is designated as Thanksgiving. Sorry, though I’m obviously in the minority, it just seemed wrong. And now I have all this meat from a 12 pound turkey. By the way, though I forgot to take pictures of the finished product, the turkey in the Instapot turned out wonderful. In less than 2 hours.

Wednesday a boy in his early teens came along with his younger siblings to see Santa and have pictures taken. After the younger ones had made their Christmas wishes know, Santa asked what he would like. The youngster said that the didn’t really need anything and was trying to find a way to help the homeless. He said that he had considered donating food or cash. Santa asked if he had ever heard of Blessing Bags. He was encouraged to do a Google search for some ideas.

Some of these can be donated to food banks and others that work with the homeless. Plus some could be carried in the family vehicle and handed to those begging on street corners.
If you would be interested, there is an example below. There are many online resources for ideas on how you may be of assistance.

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