2021 November 27

It has trained all day long.

There seemed to be a lot of people coming “just to talk” to Santa today. It is not uncommon for parents to bring children for a visit without purchasing a photo. However, today there were a lot more than usual.

Santa always enjoys time to just visit. To all about their classes at school, what sports, games, or musical instruments they play. As the season draws closer to Christmas day, the crowds increase and there is more pressure to keep the line moving. Trying to find the balance to keep those at the back of the line from feeling that it its taking too long as opposed to those at the front of the line from feeling rushed. Santa has to”read” the line and adjust.

For the parents it is all about getting that special photographic memory of their children “at this age”. For the children it is about the visit with Santa, making their wishes known and asking questions about the “good list”, Santa, Mrs. Claus, the reindeer, the sleigh, and the elves

Mr. Jack O’Lantern made a mighty fine cream of pumpkin soup. This tasted particularly great on a cold rainy end of November day.

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