2021 November 29

This morning I drove through town rather than take the toll road. I was surprised that it took no longer to get here. I don’t know if the through town traffic is normally this light.
My first visit today was with two girls, the older of which was on the autism spectrum. She had lots of questions and wanted to feel my skin to see if it felt like hers. She decided it didn’t feel like hers but it felt like Mom’s.
I was also visited by Sophie, a tiny two-and-a-half-year-old who came running to hug Santa.
Two seasoned citizens came and sat on Santa’s lap but didn’t want to pay for a photo. They did take a selfie.
A special-needs man of 40-ish saw me and came in to talk. He’s going to get an online visit from Santa on Wednesday. (not me). He was very animated.
Today was slow we saw some photo sales between 11 and 12 but only one or two from noon to 3. And that’s kind of the way the afternoon went.

We came out out the Malik just as the sun was setting.
Supper at IHOP. I told Ella we can’t keep eating out and eating up our earnings.

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