2021 November 30

We had a 9 o’clock meeting with the apartment manager for recertification. I don’t know if this will impact the $357 monthly raise on rent of which we were previously quoted. I hope so. As soon as that meeting was over, we hightailed it toward work.

Santa had a two year old who wasn’t afraid exactly, but he was apprehensive about sitting on Santa’s lap. We had him sit beside me for photos. At the end, I asked for a fist bump. We got the fist bump and a smile at last. I’m glad the photographer (Ella) was paying attention.

Santa also had a youngster who was throwing a tantrum as mom sat him on my lap. I opened a picture book. He looked and smiled. Ella snapped the photo and a second later, he was back at tantrum level. For a matter of seconds we captured a wonderful photo.

Identities concealed on purpose.

Oliver a three-year-old was Santa’s first visit. While the camera was being set up, we visited, when it was time for the photo, he didn’t want to sit. Mom and dad got in the photo also.

There was a little girl named Olivia who was almost hyperactive who was difficult to get a picture with.

Later there was a little boy who was also very active, looking at the tree and the chair and everything but the camera. We got a photo of him standing on the chair talking with Santa.

Later there was a little girl that Santa tried to get interested in a book. But until mom sat on the floor in front of the chair, she wouldn’t come close. Mom got her on her lap to look at a book. Santa slid down from the chair and sat on the floor with them. It was a great photo.

Though it was a little rushed, we made it from work to the church charge conference and potluck. It was an hour from the time Santa left his chair until Tom and Ella were at their place in the church.

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