2921 December 02

Santa’s first visitor was a cute little girl with a soft cast on her right arm. She said it was hurt in the car. I didn’t probe any further. No picture, just to visit.
The second visit was a special needs person in his early 30s. He told his helper that he HAD to come and see Santa today. He wants a monster truck toy and a Nintendo switch.
There was a tiny toddler who was fearful. We got a photo of her running away from Santa. Then got pictures of her and mom in the big chair without Santa. Then Santa came and sat down next to mom, but that didn’t work.
Later a mom with a baby and a toddler about two years old came to  “test the waters.”  The toddler was excited to see and talk to Santa but would only come to an arms length. No photo, but they will be back in Christmas clothes.
We took a short break at 2 to – uh – feed the reindeer.
A couple came with a four month old boy all dressed up in his Christmas vest. Photos were with the typical blank baby stare.
Matthew a 30-something special needs person came to see Santa. He said he goes to the assembly of God Church every day. He said that he wants a car for Christmas.
A cute little preschooler with beads in her braids came running and bouncing to see Santa. She wants a Barbie dream house. No photo. They were on the way to see the movies and will be back later.

While looking through photos I found this picture of this young man from 2016. He and his helper were walking past and he saw me and just started vibrating with excitement. I waved them over and was told that he is nonverbal. So I just talked to him about what a good kid he had been this year and how proud I was of him and things like that. After the picture was taken they left. An hour or so later they were walking past the set on their way out. He turned to me and said “Goodbye Santa.” So even somebody who is normally nonverbal could say goodbye to Santa. It made me smile and it still does.

I keep checking and hoping.

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