2021 December 04

I’m missing the sun at “sunrise” a lot.
When I think of the color of the sky, charcoal is not the first color I normally associate with the sky. But there it is.
One of Santa’s special friends who came in to tell me that he wanted a Barbie Doll for Christmas this year.
The big reveal. This youngster will be nearly one year old this time next year.
Our shift at the mall was offer at noon and I needed to be in Liberty Hill at twelve thirty. Ella went straight to the truck while I made a quick change in the staging area that would have made Clark Kent proud.
Then it was a quick dash (within the legal speed limit) to the Over The Hill Gang building. Their party could not start until I unlocked the door for them. We arrived at 12:31.
Since it was approaching one o’clock by the time the building was unlocked and a brief walk through. We used a coupon to purchaser one foot-long sub meal and shared it.
Ella needed some hair products at Sally’s. So that was or next stop.
Andy’s Frozen Custard was nearby so we stopped for a hot fudge sundae for desert
I like it.

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