2021 December 06

Fog and rain with wind. WeatherBug reads 12mph wind. But it seemed a lot more than that to me.
Doing paperwork on paper and electronically, last year.
Sleeping baby photos are cute but I should have turned them duo you could see their face. I wonder way became of the big first green Santa chair. It was more comfortable than the current chair. However, the new chair is wider and allows three full size humans to sit.
Personally, I prefer photos where Santa and child are interacting as opposed to having the schools smile at the camera.
Countless times the story book has made an otherwise unwilling child calm enough for a photo. And sometimes Santa has to get down to their level.
This youngster was unwilling to come to Santa, even to read the book. However, when I asked him to help me turn the page, we got a great photo.
This child went from timid to enthusiastic with a book.
We had a stop for a curbside pharmacy delivery on the way home

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