2021 December 07

It’s right neigh onto cold this morning. Hard to believe it was 80° not a week ago.

This morning, on the way to the set, I saw Mike. He’s a special needs man in a wheelchair. I greeted him and he asked for a hug.
Our first paying customer had to wait for the printer to connect with the computer. It required a rebooting.
We had a pair of preschool boys who would not come to Santa. Mom tried sitting with them and they still wouldn’t even face the camera. I suggested putting them back in their stroller and facing it towards the camera. It worked. They felt safe in their own environment.
Mia came to see me on her 2nd birthday.
Kim just came to say what she wanted for Christmas. She was on the way to Build a Bear as a reward for getting her covid vaccine today.

Then came this one who was apprehensive at first, but Mom said her on my knee and I brought out the book. We had some great interaction.

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