2021 December 27

Alive but feeling poorly.

Day.       72°     Cloudy this morning then becoming partly cloudy. Patchy fog this morning. Highs in the upper 70s. South winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph.
Night.    65°     Partly cloudy in the evening then becoming mostly cloudy. Lows in the mid 60s. South winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 30 mph.

I called the doctor’s office this morning and set an appointment for Wednesday morning. That was the soonest available. However, Ella had, previously, scheduled an appointment for 1:15 today. We are switching appointments. I’ll go today and she will take the Wednesday4 appointment.

The nurse practitioner checked for covid. And I am clean. I do have an upper respiratory infection. And it will be treated with steroids and antibiotics. I can hardly wait to take all the steroids and Hulk out.

I came straight from the doctor’s office to the Walmart Pharmacy. I wasn’t surprised that they didn’t have the prescription ready yet, but they said it would be done shortly. An hour and a half later, I received a text message that my prescriptions are now ready for pickup. I’ve been sitting in this reserved for pharmacy curbside pickup for an hour and a half. I tried to call and got put on hold for another 10 minutes. Finally Ella just went into the pharmacy to pick it up at the window. Sure came back 11 minutes later with the meds. She told me to hang up.

The pharmacy must have been extremely busy today. Ella order a pizza for pickup but but didn’t know where. I just asked Google for the closest – and lucked out.

We arrived home shortly after 5. I ate a slice and went to bed.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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