2022 January 18

We received more fresh produce today. This also is a once a month event. It takes place at the San Gabriel location of the Austin Area College. Free to anyone who live within one of three zip codes. We have lived in two of the three. Normally the timing of this event doesn’t follow so closely to the monthly grocery supply from HCCM (see yesterday’s post).

The line at the Leander Christian Church moved very quickly. This food pantry is also a once a month event and it always coincides with the produce pickup at AAC.

Since there are two of us, we receive double of everything. We gave away more than we kept of this load. We kept cereal, shelf stable milk, and bananas. Nearly everything else was passed along to the apartment complex in-house food pantry, along with some canned goods that we have more than enough of.

Pork roast with roasted potatoes and carrots. Paired with collard greens and apple sauce with pie for dessert:  blueberry for me and pecan for Ella. Everything in this meal was provided by God through the work of food pantry staff and volunteers.

Goodnight, y’all and God bless.

©2022 Thomas E Williams

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