2022 February 09

😎Day.      68⁰     Sunny. Highs in the upper 60s. West winds 5 to 10 mph with gusts up to 20 mph becoming north this afternoon.
🌚Night     43⁰     Mostly clear. Lows in the upper 30s. Northeast winds around 5 mph becoming west around 5 mph after midnight.

We went to Burger King for breakfast. But they wouldn’t feed us. Even though the sign said “Drive thru Open”, it wasn’t. And though the interior lights were on and people were moving  about inside, the doors were locked. I suppose I should have realized, when they couldn’t spell “Through”, that the sign could not be trusted.

We moved on to the real reason for this morning drive, Walgreens. If you read my slight tirade yesterday, you will know that I wasn’t able to purchase my medications then. Last night, at home, I converted the doctor’s emailed prescription from PDF to JPEG format and used the Walmart app to order a photo print of the prescription. This morning, at the store, I purchased the photo for $4.32. I then took the printed prescription to the pharmacy. After scanning the prescription into their system (didn’t I tell so yesterday?), she added my name, address, phone number, and insurance into the computer. All well and good, right? Wrong! Even though they now had the paper copy of the signed prescription, they said that they still needed to contact my doctor. “Come back in an hour.” Many many years ago and hundreds of miles away, I had quit using Walgreens as my pharmacy because of the multiple times they had mixed up my prescriptions. I had hope that this Walgreens would be better. I no longer cling to that hope.

Having failed at Burger King and Walgreens, we went to McDonald’s and achieved the only success of the morning.

A little over an hour from our first attempt of the day to receive my medication, we returned to Walgreens. Once more I stood in line (social distance – of course) at the pharmacy. When my turn at the window arrived, I gave them my name and stated my purpose was to purchase my warfarin. “It isn’t ready just yet. Have a seat and we will call you when it is ready.” There were four chairs occupied by a family of three who were waiting for Covid shots. Unable to practice social distancing with the chairs, I stood. About twenty minutes later the family was called behind a screen to receive their shots. My turn to sit came and I sat. While seated I watched the line at the pharmacy window grow ever longer. At the rate the line was moving, I decided that I had once again expended my daily dose of patience. I left.

Once home, we played several games of Fast Track. And I put a pork roast in the Instapot.

Roast pork with raspberry sauce, Romain lettuce, potatoes, and gravy for lunch.

Nap time.

Just before bedtime I mixed together some cookie dough. It contains tiny bits of walnuts. You might even call some of it walnut flour. I left it in the blender too long. It also contains butterscotch bits. Fun fact: The is no scotch in butterscotch. The misnomer most like came from the scorched butter in the recipe.

©2022 Thomas E Williams

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