2022 February 10

☁️ Day        70⁰     Partly cloudy this morning then clearing. Highs in the lower 70s. Southwest winds around 5 mph.
Night     42⁰     Clear. Lows in the lower 40s. Southwest winds around 5 mph.

TODAY’S PRAYERThank you, Father, for the gift of light you have given us through your Son. Amen.

Walgreens had a slew of medications for us to pick up today. All but one of them with zero copay. That one was $127 00.

Keeping local seniors connected, engaged in community.
By Dana Delgado
excerpt from 
July 19, 2015
Since its ambitious beginnings in 1998, seniors have flocked to the unpretentious brick building at 3307 RR 1869. While the organization has wrapped itself in a host of civic and social activities since its inception, its central rallying event has become the weekly 11:30 a.m. home cooked luncheons held every Thursday.

Update February 20, 2022
by Tom Williams, club president.
The Covid 19 virus and its various mutations began to affect our members and our gatherings in March of 2021. We have suspended meeting several times since then. Every time that we began to feel safe, the contamination rate would rise again. We began to be open again in mid January 2022. We are relying on the wisdom of our senior members as to whether they choose to attend the Thursday meetings. We have suspended providing meals but encourage sack lunches. Those who wish may attend and fellowship and perhaps play games.
If you are unwell, please stay home.

We stopped at Benny Boyd to look at used vehicles. It is clear that we need a van/mini van for me to have easy entrance/egress. The sales person recommended that we look for a vehicle that he doesn’t have, a KIA Sedona van 2006. He personally had one and at six foot tall, found it very comfortable. He also said that the engine in that year’s model was very dependable.

©2022 Thomas E Williams

GOD bless and goodnight

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