2022 February 17

Day        66⁰     Mostly sunny. Highs in the upper 60s. Temperature falling into the mid 50s this afternoon. West winds 15 to 20 mph becoming northwest this afternoon.
Night     33⁰     Mostly clear in the evening then becoming partly cloudy. Much colder with lows in the lower 30s. North winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph.

POLLEN ALERT: Thu 7:00 AM to Fri 12:00 AM

Eggs, bacon, bagels, grapefruit, and banana smoothies
I did a little studying for Sunday school this week.

Only eight people attended OTHG today. Ella and I had hope to play canasta today but everyone else choose to play something else and they already had a full table for their game.

Current estimated population of 662,815. It’s the thirteenth largest county in Texas. Its population growth ranks it fourth in the state and 14th in the country 

Coronavirus in Williamson County, TX
Updated Feb. 17, 2022
Cases have decreased recently but are still very high. The numbers of hospitalized Covid patients and deaths in the Williamson County area have also fallen. The test positivity rate in Williamson County is very high, suggesting that cases are being significantly undercounted.

Two Whopper Juniors and two small fries for less than for dollars was enough to feed two old people at lunch. 😁

Ella needed to make a stop at Dollar Tree for some bingo prizes. Bingo starts tonight and I’m the caller.

Cereal with bananas.

There were at least a dozen who showed up for bingo this evening. We started a few minutes after six and were done at seven on-the-dot. I don’t find bingo to be a fun game. Perhaps because it is pure luck and with no skill involved. Also I can’t hear very well, especially with lots of people talking. I understand that for some, the table talk is what they enjoy. I do enjoy calling bingo. God gave me a clear loud voice and I can use it to make others enjoy the game.

©2022 Thomas E Williams

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