2022 March 22

Tom and Ella Journal
Our Life’s Journey
March 22, 2022
Images are from
American Statesman web site

Please pray for these people to recover as soon as possible in all ways, physically, mentally, financially and spiritually and any other “lly”s that you can think of.

Began reading at 2 Kings 16 Where Ahaz son of Jotham king of Judah began to reign, read through the end of 2 Kings 25 where the king gave Jehoiachin a regular allowance as long as he lived. Day 28 

After dropping Ella at work, I went to Arik and Jenny’s. Sofia’s cat is in the shop and she needed a ride to school.

I stopped at Walmart for some Tylenol and personal items. This copper colored HHR was sitting in the parking lot. Now that I own one, I see them everywhere. As I was leaving the apartments to pick up Ella from work, there was a white HHR stopped in front of the office.

My morning travels

I waited for Ella to get off work by sitting in Dillard’s parking lot. I a little concerned when several police cars drive quickly through the parking lot.

This evening the in house movie was advertised to be “Brother Where Art Thou?” However when we got there, it had been changed to “A Walk Through The Cemetery” with Liam Needing. That probably tells you everything you need to know about the movie. We should have left when we realized that the movie had been changed.

©2022 Thomas E Williams

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