2022 March 25

Day        82⁰     Sunny. Highs in the mid 80s. Southwest winds around 5 mph becoming southeast this afternoon.
Night     56⁰     Clear. Lows in the lower 50s. Southeast winds 5 to 10 mph becoming south after midnight.

Yesterday I said, “I’m going to spend time with the Lord seeking how these biblical books are to be profitable to me. The genealogies and retelling of the same stories told in earlier books of the bible seemed unnecessary and useless to me. This bothered me because all of scripture should be profitable. After prayer and meditation I came to the conclusion that “it’s not always about me.” Then a portion of today’s Upper Room Devotional (quoted below) spoke to me.

Scripture is not always accessible to people. That’s why it is so important to me that we find ways to share scripture in many forms so that we can let God’s words do the work of loving and reaching hearts.a

Upper Room

Today’s reading began with 1 Chronicles 10 Where Saul takes his own life for fear of the Philistines. Read through 1 Chronicles 29 which closes First Chronicles with the death of King David. Day 31

Today was Fifty Plus Game Day Leander UMC.. there were less than a dozen people playing games. This, however, was the first time they hosted this event in two years due to Covid. The plan is to make it a monthly event on the fourth Friday if the month. They also host a luncheon on the second Friday of the month. I found three people willing to learn to play Fast Track. A good time was had by all.

T. How was work today Ella?
E. Boring. Nothing there. I didn’t realize doing nothing could be so tiring. Hopefully as we get closer to Easter it will get busier.
T. So busier is better?
E. Yeah. It pays the bills.
T. You say it pays the bills. It doesn’t make any difference to our income. So you’re talking about the income of the photography company?
E. If they don’t work … so … yeah it affects us. You forget I’m a bookkeeper. I got paid for thinking money.
T. I think that the Mall sees it as a win whether the photography company makes any money or not because it will generate some additional traffic for the mall Possibly that additional traffic may only work in the food court.

Supper was plant based burgers. No, we did not buy them. They were gifted to us by the food pantry. I thank God for His care and the generosity of strangers. Having said that, I’ll now say this, they weren’t horrid. If I were to be served them while I was a guest in someone’s house, is quietly eat them. If I had an offer to buy them at a really good price I’d pass. If someone was willing to pay me to eat them, an amount might be arranged.

Jesus loves you. So do we.
©2022 Thomas E Williams

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