20220 March 30

Esther 1 Queen Vashti disrespected King Xerxes and was deposed.  Last read was the final book of  Esther 10 where Mordecai the Jew was in rank to King Xerxes.

This morning’s Grandies meeting had only three of us, Anne, Ella, and I. We did take care of business and set some goals. We then played canasta.

After Grandies we spent about four hours making the rounds of Public Housing Authorities in the nearby towns. 

We picked up new applications from the PHAs as well as some other low rent apartments. It is necessary to renew them every three to six months. Plus there have been changes in our finances since our last applications.

We ended the day with a soup supper at church. I volunteered to provide soup for next Wednesday.

Jesus loves you and so do we.
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©2022 Thomas E Williams

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