2022 May 27

Great Bible Study is
Bookended By Prayer
To be a Christian without prayer
is no more possible than to be alive
without breathing. – Martin Luther


We made a quick stop at the Community Cupboard for a snack to take to tomorrow’s Coffee With Friends. We also picked up a small watermelon, pizza cheese, a sandwich, and tomatoes.

The OTHG board meet with the Liberty Hill mayor this morning. We now have a clear understanding on our position with the city and with the Our Village people who currently share the building.  The city   and maintains the building and ground. Over The Hill Gang has use of the entire building 24/7 unless the city needs it for one of their functions i.e. voting. Lb

Ella and I delivered the items collected for the Kids Summer Snack Program. Ella also visited with the program director.

Today was the monthly Game Day at the 50+ group at Leander UMC. One person other than Ella and I arrived to play. Therr were more people “working” than playing. It’s so sad that all of our groups (Sunday school, worship, Grandies, Over The Hill Gang, and the 50+) are having such a struggle to become re-engaged post pandemic. These were previously energetic and active organizations.

We went to Walgreens to pick up two of Ella’s prescription and order a third. I tried to buy the laxatives that I’ll need to take before the colonoscopy. However, I didn’t realize that there are multiple types of laxatives and didn’t remember what type I was told to buy. After we were home I checked on the Walmart app and found that they have what I need. So I ordered it for delivery. Only after placing the order found that it would be shipped rather than delivered from the store. And it wouldn’t arrive until sometime on the day of the procedure – which would be at least a day too late. So I cancelled it.

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