2022 June 16

We had a few groceries ordered for delivery from Walmart. However, the Robitussin had to be picked up.

However, we needed to drive through at Walgreens … once … they finished filling the prescription for the Covid meds that were ordered on Tuesday.  However, the same medication was ordered for Ella this morning and it is ready for pickup. What the #$@##!

If it wasn’t required by our insurance to use Walgreens to receive the zero co-pay on most of our meds, I would never go back to any Walgreens. Over the years whenever we used ANY Walgreens, they have consistently screwed up the orders. Does it sound like I’m upset about the crappy attention to detail by Walgreens pharmacists and staff? I am. I suppose SOMEBODY had to hire those that graduate at the BOTTOM of their class.

©2022 Thomas E Williams

All opinions expressed do not represent the opinions of management. You’ll have to ask her yourself. 😀

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