2022 June 19

This is our last day of confinement! Sadly, our only plan for tomorrow’s liberation is to drive through the pharmacy lane and pick up medications.

Scripture:  Ecclesiastes 1:2-14
Sermon:  Looking for Answers
Pastor Michele

We attended church online today. While I’m grateful that our church is able and willing to broadcast live worship service, it is just not the same as when the body of believers join together and participate together in worship. Plus, I really miss the discussions and real learning that takes place in our adult Sunday school.

I accomplished a major chore today. I stripped everything out of the refrigerator – including the shelves and drawers. Everything received a thorough cleaning and rearranging. I found things on the back of the bottom shelf that I don’t want to talk about – or – think about.

Ella has been doing a little laundry every day while in quarantine. Today it was the bedding.

It’s this different kind of knowing –
the kind that James Alison calls
the Intelligence of the Victim
that we have been exploring throughout this series. It’s that intelligence that leads us home.

Doing Theology From Below
is a devotional study found in the
You Version Bible app. https://www.youversion.com

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