2022 June 20

Genesis 28:16
Jacob woke up and said, “The LORD is here! He is in this place, and I didn’t know it!”
What promise does God make to Jacob while he is dreaming (verses 13-15)?
What is Jacob’s vow to God (verses 20-22)?
Are there promises that you have made to God?

As promised yesterday, we made our outing into the world today by going to Walgreens to pickup more medications.

We also stopped at the Community Cupboard to pick up some bread and bagels. The woman at the counter said, “Could you use some frozen meat?” I asked what kind. “I dunno. Miscellaneous.” With a sales pitch like that how could I refuse?I still don’t know what was in the bag ’cause Ella put it away when we got home. I think she said there is deli sliced chicken and some pot stickers. But what else? I dunno either.

Watching a YouTube podcast and sketching again.

At five o’clock this evening we put our masks on, grabbed the Fast Track game, and went to the community room to play games. We’re had six people playing Fast Track. And then we played a card game. I don’t know what it was called, but I won.

©2022 Thomas E Williams

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