2022 June 22

I had just begun cooking breakfast when the fire alarm for the whole apartment complex began screeching. No. It was not my cooking that sounded the alarm. Ella and I were among less than ten who vacated the building. Unfortunately, there have been so many false alarms in the year and a half that we’ve been here that people no longer respond to them. We did. I lifted our patio chairs over the railing and parked them and us across the drive to await the fire department.

The first firetruck went around the side of the buildings. I assume toward the place of the original alarm. The next three units arrived and parked in front of the main entrance. They shortly silenced the alarm. Before long we were told we could go back to our apartment.

We finished our breakfast and then headed to Cross Tracks Church for our weekly Grandies meeting. It was just Anne, Ella, and I again this week, which is better than last week with just Anne. She also took it upon herself to sell the cookies for Father’s Day. Cookie sales brought in$136.00.

After Grandies Ella and I went to the OTHG building to check on the supplies for tomorrow’s meal. I think we are in pretty good shape.

Exodus 40:16
Moses did everything just as the LORD had commanded.
What is the significance or importance of dedicating houses of worship and sacred objects today?

This evening Arik, Jenny, Sofia, and Beket took us to a fancy Italian American restaurant to celebrate Father’s Day. The food was very good. However the best part was the Father’s Day card I received.

©2022 Thomas E Williams

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