2022 June 23

Despite what the WeatherBug report says, our car’s onboard thermometer read 105° this afternoon.

OTHG General Meeting June 23, 2022
Elections were held.   The new officers are as follows: 
•Tom Williams president;
•Jannett Thornburg vice president;
•Merle Rouillard secretary;
•Janet Ross treasurer;
•directors Ella Williams and Monica Moser.

Lunch was lasagna, lettuce salad, garlic bread, and pinto beans. Desserts provided were cookies, watermelon, and cheesecake.

We had twelve for bingo tonight. My voice lasted through the whole thing. I did have to stop and blow my drippy nose a couple of times though.

Deuteronomy 1:11
[Moses said:] “May the LORD, the God of your ancestors, make you increase a thousand times more and make you prosperous, as he promised!”
The first generation of Israelites that came out of Egypt was unfaithful during the forty years they wandered in the wilderness. In what ways did God care for the people throughout their journey (verses 29-33)? In what ways have you experienced God’s care?

31 Daily Readings comes from the Bible app https://youversion.com

©2022 Thomas E Williams

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