2022 July 15

Day    rain chance 20%     96°
Partly cloudy. A slight chance of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. Highs in the mid 90s. Southeast winds 10 to 15 mph.
Night     74°     Mostly clear. Lows in the mid 70s. South winds 10 to 15 mph.

Life With Dogs

     We are dog(s) sitting for a while. Our kids have gone on an adventure. Their two large (plus or minus 100 lbs.) dogs did not. They are generally well behaved (the dogs, not the kids) and were extremely glad to see us when we arrived. It has been months since we’ve seen the dogs and they us. We were greeted with much tail wagging, jumping, and circling around us. Isn’t a shame that people don’t show that same excitement?

     With all that being said, we are unaccustomed to having a four legged person come to the bed before dawn and start explaining to me that they need to relieve their bladders.

     They are not so sympathetic when I explain that I also feel that need. Both of them, at different times, csme into the bathroom to check on my progress. Or perhaps it was too remind me that they still needed to go, and that they can not open the door by themselves. I’m not unsympathetic to their need. However, I prefer a little solitude when I’m about my business.

     After the flush, I was escorted to the door or perhaps they are just making sure that I remember in which direction the door lies and that they were still unable to open it for themselves.

     Once they were out, I laid myself back upon the bed. Not to sleep mind you. This is the time of day that I like to study, read, and write.

     The pups, having achieved comfort and release from their morning distress, began to request entrance once again. I, on the other hand, was quite comfortable upon my pillow and unwilling to act upon said request. After, what I’m sure to them, a reasonable amount of time had past and I had not ceded to their request, they became more vocal and more insistent about their right to health and home. Home being the operative word here.

     Please understand that I was not unmoved by their insistence and demanding tone, however I was unwilling to physically move from my place of comfort to grant them access. Eventually I became aware that other people in the neighborhood might not be enjoying the non-melodious chorus of dogs at my door. So I rose and let them in.

     Once inside they eagerly sought their food bowls. Finding them empty, they turned to me with an accusatory look upon their faces. If they had sought to shame me into action, they won. Before their morning ration of kibbles and bits however it was time to give them their allergy medications. Because they don’t like the allergy medication the pills must be wrapped in pieces of American cheese. And the dogs enthusiastically devoured them.

     As I bent down to get their doggy dishes, they ran toward the pantry wherein their food is stored. As I was not moving at their desired speed, they came back for me. Moving forward while looking back at me, they led me toward their goal. Bluebell, like a rude shopper, squeezed past me at the doorway which inadvertantly blocked my access to the prize she sought.

     Once I had extracted said dog, I measured out their food and placed the bowls upon their placemats. While bent over, I picked up their water bowls. I rinsed the bowls and filled them with fresh cool water. By the time I returned the bowls to the mat, they had wolfed down (pun intended) the last of the food and licked the dishes clean.

     I want to address a something that I just posted above. I used the term “kids”. At what age should our offspring no longer be called kids? Several of our children are in their fifth decade and others in their fourth. Perhaps when they have retired, I will no longer call them kids … but I’ll still think it.

Joshua 24:19-33
Today’s Key Verse:  Joshua 24:24
[The people said:] “We will serve the LORD our God. We will obey his commands.”
What was the covenant that Joshua made for the people (verse 25)? What was the purpose of the stone (verses 26, 27)?

After breakfast, we left the dogs to guard the house and went to Walgreens to pick up Ella’s medications. From there we went home to eat lunch. Ella also did a load of laundry and filled her pill sorters for the next several weeks.

When we returned to the house, we let the dogs back outside. We played several rounds of Fast Track. I noticed that my watch was indicating that it needed to recharge. I thought that was a good idea so I lay down to rest. Rest was the plan, but in reality I spent several hours working on the website for the Over The Hill Gang. Just before sunset Ella and I went for a swim. The pool was now mostly in the shade. However, being in the sun all day had warmed the water to nearly bath water level. No complains from me. The warm water felt good to these aching bones.

The dogs are fed and the day is done. It’s time for bed for real.

©2022 Thomas E Williams

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