2022 July 17

Day        101°     Mostly sunny. Hazy hot with highs around 101. South winds 10 to 15 mph.
Night     76°     Hazy in the evening. Mostly clear. Lows in the upper 70s. South winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph.

The church entryway was decorated for Bible School.

There were four in Sunday school, Fannie, Rick, Ella and I. The introspective question for today was “Am I a hypocrite?” We had a great discussion on and around this prompt.

Today’s sermon “Dress For Success” was about putting on the full armor of God. The children who attended the vacation bible School assisted in the service. It was great.

After church Sundae

After Sundae came car repair one point oh. Our Friend, Rick, once again crawled under our car in an attempt to reattach the tailpipe to the muffler. He has came prepared with a clamp that apparently 2a size to big. Hell try again next Sunday.  It is wonderful to have friends like this. And as we age it becomes more important to have friends like this.

Coconut shrimp, fries, and coleslaw.

The crescent rolls with honey butter came like an appetizer that wasn’t ordered. They were very good and very flaky.
I do wish they had the honey butter as a side instead of assuming that I would want it. I didn’t. And I’ll admit one of the biggest reasons is because my fingers are now sticky and there is no way, short of licking and sucking, to get fingers clean. I seriously considered washing them in my glass of water.
Another reason I would have preferred the honey butter as a side is I’m simply not that big of a fan of sweetness outside of desserts. I would have preferred a garlic or herb butter, or for that matter, just butter.
The eight large coconut shrimp were very good and were pared with a dip called “Pain killer”. This dip seemed to be mostly finely chopped (not quite pureed) pineapple and cream. I tasted it and rejected it because, again, it added unnecessary sweetness to the entree. At least it came as a dip and not slathered over the shrimp.
The coleslaw was excellent. It has just the right amount of moisture
Also on the plate was a mound of French fries. The fries had a light coating or batter which, though unnecessary, was quite good.
Over all, it was a pleasant dining experience, though if we return, I’d order a steak and request  plain butter.

©2022 Thomas E Williams

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