2022 July 19

WHAT…For the Excessive Heat Warning, dangerously hot conditions with temperatures up to 106 and heat index values up to 109 expected.
Day        103°     Sunny hot with highs around 104. South winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph.
Night     76°     Clear. Lows in the upper 70s. South winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph.

The left rear brake light isn’t working. I’ve removed the bulb and will stop at an auto parts store for a replacement.

We stopped at an Ace Hardware to have some new keys cut. I checked for the automotive bulb that I need to replace the non working brake light. However they did not have any. Time is a little tight today so I may not get to the automotive store today.

We made it to the apartments today in time for coffee. There were a total of ten at the coffee.

We left the coffee group in time to head to the college parking lot to pick up some produce. Today the workers at least had some shade.

More workers and more shade. Even the policemen, who were here to direct traffic, put up a similar shade shelter. We’ve always felt sorry for them in their dark uniforms in that harsh sunshine.

This is the produce donated by Hill Country Community Ministries and picked up at the Community college. That box has a watermelon, potatoes, carrots, and nectarines. There were blueberry bagels. Also some onion rolls and avocados that we will donate to our kids. I can’t eat the onion and choose not to eat avocados.

Stopping at our apartment we unloaded and stored away what we had received.

The Leander Church of Christ also distributed food today. We waited in a fairly long line that was eventually directed to divide into two lines.

There was considerably more food here. There were six pounds of ground beef and other frozen foods. Actually there was more frozen items than we had room for. So the excess was taken to the food pantry in the apartments.

As I took items to our food pantry, the community room was being set up for Taco Tuesday provided by the management.

There were considerably more people gathered today than any other in-house events lately.

It is hard to find Mexican food that doesn’t contain onions. I had taken the rice, only to discover onions. As much as I like the flavor of onions, it’s just not worth haveing my throat swell shut and my face and lips swollen.

It was about four o’clock when we returned to the house. The first thing we did was let the dogs out. As Bluebell jumped from the bed, she piddled a little. So the bed clothes were stripped off and run through a wash cycle and dried

We spent a little time soaking in the pool before coming in to feed the dogs.

©2022 Thomas E Williams

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