2022 July 24

WeDay        101°     Mostly sunny. Hot with highs around 101. South winds 5 to 10 mph.
Night     76°      Mostly clear. Lows in the mid 70s. South winds 10 to 15 mph.

Preparation for today’s Sunday school class. There were five today. I do very much enjoy the exchange of ideas, and life experiences that happen here.

The final sermon in this series. https://fb.watch/etH7pqekEz/

This is the cause of the problem of the nosey cat. These parts of the exhaust are no longer connected. The studs that are supposed to connect them have been completely destroyed.

My friend, Rick, brought ramps to raise the front of the car so that it can be worked on … err … under.

Rick getting some tools and equipment from his car.

He slid under the car.

These are the studs that had formerly held the two flanges together. They had to be cut off so that there’s clamps could be applied.

These are the clamps that replaced those rusted out studs.

These are the clamps doing the job for which they are designed. These photos condense a lot of time and effort into a very short telling of a weeks long saga. Thank you, Rick, thank you.

We stopped at Burger King for lunch. 2 Whopper juniors and two fries with a coupon. Just the right size lunch to split between us.

We lay down for an afternoon nap and I actually slept for over an hour. Then around five o’clock we went for a swim/soak. This is the first time this year that we’ve been in the pool at the apartments.

God bless and goodnight all.

©2022 Thomas E Williams

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