2022 July 30


For an hour a week, we are called out of our everyday life and into our “church world.” But what if it meant more than that?


Tom’s breakfast
Ella’s breakfast

As we were coming back to our room, I told Ella to be careful or she was going to spill her coffee. She, as usual, had both hands full and her cup was at a precarious angle.  Then, as the door swung shut, it hit me in the elbow and knocked the cup of tea from my hand. 🤭


We went back to the apartment for coffee time. There were fourteen or fifteen folks there before people started learning.


Ella had mentioned several times, “Sometime, not now, but sometime I’d like to stop at Hobby Lobby. I want some magnets for my necklaces.”
Today, with nothing else on our agenda, seemed like a good time to turn her loose in Hobby Lobby. I waited in the car.


It has truly been years since
we had an Asian food buffet.

©2022 Thomas E Williams

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