2022 August 09

There were four of us for morning coffee at Over The Hill this morning. That’s double what was here last week. We discussed mahjong and bunco games as possible additions to Thursdays or possibly other game days.

We managed to unload the donated food at Operation Liberty Hill today after our morning coffee at OTHG.

We made the sixty something like round trip to Wilco metal recycling in Jarrell and turned renting pounds of cans into $13.05.

On the way home we stopped at the new HEB on highway remind and Ronald Reagan Blvd and purchased a bag of lettuce for Thursdays lunch. Once home I made an Italian taco? Meaty marinara with mozzarella wrapped in a large floor tortilla.

This evening we were invited to Adam and Leigh’s for supper and conversation. We saw their newly remodeled kitchen and appliances.

Adam and Leigh’s new refrigerator makes fancy crystalline balls of ice.

©2022 Thomas E Williams

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