2022 September 10

Temperature 83°
Feels Like 84°
Hi | Lo 92° | 74°
Average 91° | 70°
Yesterday 93° 71°
Dew Point 64°
Humidity 53%
Hi | Lo 94% 32%
Pressure 29.96″ ↑
Hi | Lo 29.97 29.82

We did go up for coffee with friends for a short while. However, when it seemed to me, to be a gossip exchange, I left.

I unpacked two wagon loads of stuff from the car that had not been unloaded when we returned from vacation. The car still needs vacuuming and washing. But that will wait ’til another day. It was necessary to be emptied because tomorrow is the monthly time to gather food for Operation Liberty Hill and aluminum cans for Grandies after church.

We had meds to pickup and then back home. After yesterday’s outing/ordeal we didn’t feel like doing anything but staying home.
I checked my pre biopsy instructions to double check when I need to stop taking some of my medications.
Ella got caught up on laundry.

We talked to my 61 year old nephew Kirk today. He has cancer. He has completed his chemo and will be going in for surgery soon. He has had a rough life partially due to poor life choices. We talked about his faith and how he has confessed his sins to God and received forgiveness, but can’t quite forgive himself.

©2022 Thomas E Williams

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