2022 October 04

Day        86°     Partly cloudy. Highs in the upper 80s. East winds around 5 mph.
Night     58°     Clear. Lows in the upper 50s. East winds around 5 mph becoming south around 5 mph after midnight.

My glasses need an upgrade. I was told that I’m just barely within the legal limits for driving. It is also time to do something about my cataracts. I will be returning on October twenty-fifth for a cataract consultation prior to surgery.

Ella’s eyes are fine

Once we were finished with the eye doctor. We were moving on to urologist for my appointment.

It was time to learn the results of the prostate biopsy. Two of the twelve samples that they took show cancer.  I will have a CT scan on the seventh and full body x-ray – possibly today. That is to determine if the cancer is contained or if it has spread. If contained, I will go on a hormone therapy to shrink the prostate and then radiation to destroy it. If it has spread? I don’t know. The doctor said that there are some forms of prostate cancer that are so slow that, if I lived to be a hundred, it would be something else that killed me. This is not that kind of cancer. Because of my other health concerns (i.e. heart and diabetes) an aggressive surgery would likely be more than my body could handle.

We had some food to deliver to Operation Liberty Hill today. We chose to do it after the Urology appointment.

I had seen on Facebook that the Liberty Hill McDonald’s had opened. We were close so decided to stop there. However the entrance and exit drives were blocked with orange cones. I don’t know if they are open or not because it is possible that we could have turned around and gone through Taco Bell’s drive. Instead, we went up the road to Subway.

After Subway we stopped at Hill Country Community Ministries to drop off some empty boxes and bags. While we were there Ella went into the community cupboard and picked out some produce including a squash that looks like a green pear. Fortunately it came with a receipt which pairs it with carrots and rice.

Ella had a mammogram scheduled for late this afternoon. When we arrived for her appointment, I checked on me also being a walk-in patient for today. They had to contact the urologist to verify what images he wants.

This is the last of today’s doctor appointments. Yay!
©2022 Thomas E Williams

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