2022 December 01

Christmas shoppers, you’re running out of time!

Another 11 to 5 day at Santa welcome center. This would have been a perfect day to visit Santa before the crowds and long lines appear. Santa had a tiny 15 month old girl came running to him as fast as her uncertain legs could carry her. I also had a three year old boy run and launch himself into my arms. These are the hugs that Santa really loves. The was a hesitant two year old who want crying but just not wanting to get close. I say down on the floor with a story book and had Dad sit with him beside me. Before long Dad moved away and we got nice photos with the child and Santa.

I arrived home in time to enjoy a holiday meal. The LIFE Church has “adopted” our apartment complex and occasionally brings us food, music, and message.

©2022 Thomas E Williams

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