2022 December 20

It was a pleasantly busy day today. We were busy without the line growing too long. I was able to keep both the line coming in and the line at the register checking out pretty well balanced by determining how long I spoke with each of the children who came to visit.

Santa had a visit from a young man in a wheelchair who got out of the wheelchair and sat beside Santa on the big chair.

I took only a short bathroom break around two o’clock. I had been holding it in, hoping to make it until the three o’clock end of shift. However at two when no one was waiting in line, I took advantage of it. I was surprised to find Santa Charlie died and waiting. He said after yesterday’s events, he decided to arrive early “just in case”.

When I arrived home, Ella said she had a prescription trip pick up. We got in the drive through lane at Walgreens and waited and waited until we got to window. We were told that they had nothing for Ella until tomorrow. Ella said she had received a text that it was ready. The pharmacist said “Sorry, I can have it ready tomorrow.” I’ve asked Ella several times to switch to the mail order pharmacy. I’m really sick and tired of the constant run around with Walgreens. Far too many screwups for me to be comfortable trusting their ability to get even the medications correct.

©2022 Thomas E Williams

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