2023 January 13

I TOOK the car in this morning for repairs and to bring it in line with the yearly inspection codes. Come February it will need to pass inspection for a new license window sticker.

I RETURNED home in time to join Ella at Coffee With Friends at the apartments.

DAY         59°     Sunny. Highs in the lower 60s. North winds 5 to 10 mph.

NIGHT     39°     Clear Lows in the mid 30s. East winds around 5 mph becoming south after midnight

I SEEMED to spend a lot of my day making phone calls. I called to return some shirts that I’d ordered on line. They are really nice shirts, however the sleeves were too short. (I know it’s not that the shirts are too short. My arms are too long.)
I ALSO called to make an appointment for an MRI. It is set for the morning after I have the gold bead inserted into my prostate.
IT was necessary to call my financial institution to raise my daily spending limit on my debit card. That was done so that I could use the card to pay for the car repair.
AS president of Over The Hill Gang, I also made calls to some local churches. We are seeking help with preparing our Thursday lunches. In the past, several churches had taken us on as mission projects. Each one prepared one meal a month. The OTHG paid for all of the food and supplies but the work was done by volunteers from the various churches.
THERE were also strings of text messages – also taking care of business.

SHORTLY after five o’clock, I brought the car home. I find it a lot quieter with a new catalytic converter and exhaust system.

  ©2023 Thomas E Williams.              INR 2.4

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