2023 January 23

YOU know how parents say that their children are six months old – or eighteen months old, etcetera? Well … I’m 912 months old today!

ELLA did laundry today and that included our sheets and pillow cases. While the bed was stripped down, I took the opportunity to remove the mattress and box springs. We have a handful over under-the-bed storage boxes. Unfortunately, the boxes are too tall to slide under the frame. However with the spring removed, I was able to place a half dozen of those storage boxes under the bed. Yay!

Renewing Car Licence Tag

THE 22 minute drive and the 10 minute wait time was less than half the time it’s spent over a four day attempt to renew online. Lesson learned.

APPARENTLY Monday late morning is a good time to visit the tax department. I was surprised at how few were here ahead of me.

WHILE I was out, I decided to pick-up some groceries that Ella wanted. She wanted a specific brand of frozen cinnamon rolls. Walmart doesn’t sell them. H. E. B. does. Two bags frozen rolls ✓. Three cans of broccoli cheese soup ✓. Sour cream ✓. 3M Command strips to hang picture frames ✓. I wanted bacon and eggs ✓✓.

ONCE home I put away my portion of the laundry that Ella had washed, dried, folded, and stacked on the bed.

I ALSO spent some time going through some of my storage boxes. I’m sorting into KEEP, SELL, and TRASH. This is part of our push to declutter our home and our lives.

GAME night began at 5:00 this evening. We took our Fast Track game to the common area. One of the gals that regularly plays with us was there so I took the opportunity to play Five Crowns instead. Well then the gal that was going to play Fast Track moved to a different table to play a different game. Ella decided she’d rather go home to bed than learn a new game. She’s still not feeling one hundred percent.

Goodnight and God bless

©2023 Thomas E Williams

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