2023 February 03

Day 48° partly cloudy. Not as cool with highs around 50. North winds 5 to 10 mph. Night 32° partly cloudy. Patchy fog after midnight. Cold with Lowe’s in the lower 30s. East winds around 5:00 mph.

WE had a 9:00 AM appointment at Hill Country Community Ministries for our January food allotment. It was originally scheduled for pickup on January 31st. However, the ice storm caused them to close. They are operating but without electricity.

WITHOUT their computer they were unable to schedule our February pickup date.

IT was a large haul of food. I think they were trying to get as much out of their non-working freezers as possible.

WE took the sweet treats to the community room too share at coffee. There are enough left to take back up for tomorrow’s coffee also.

WE didn’t have as much food items to re donate to the in-house food pantry. The frozen food (chicken breasts, jalapeno poppers with sausage and cheese, and ground turkey) went fast. The non perishable food went into the cupboard and some huge carrots went into the community refrigerator

A LARGE portion of my dad was spent with dealing with Allstate’s phone and computer system. I was filling a claim for the damage done to my catalytic converter and exhaust system when I ran over a curb. I had already had it repaired and fully paid for. Once I finally got to speak to the claims adjuster (a real human being) I was able to submit the information that he needed by email. And very quickly received notification that we will be reimbursed for all except the $1,000 deductable.

I STARTED watching this on prime video. Two episodes into the story and it is moving very slow. Oh yes, it’s partly in French with English subtitles. I always use closed captioning when it’s available, so reading the subtitles no longer bothers me.

©2023 Thomas E Williams

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